Picture of the day

KEO Brewery

I realized something today. I realized that I am running out of subjects to photograph at home, and that I am getting way to lazy to go somewhere once I get back home from the office. This piece of genius came to me while I was stuck in the traffic jam. So I thought why not to use the time productively? Why not to take the camera out and photograph things around me?

Well, aparently, it was a good idea. It was not only because I was able to provide a picture for the ‘Picture of the day’ project, but because I realized once again how relative all things are. While I was stuck in the traffic jam I though that my car is standing on the same place for long mutliple minutes. But as soon as I got my camera out of the bag, cars started moving around and I suddenly had to drive somewhere. Also, I thought that things that I drive by many times a day are boring and uninteresting. Suddenly, at the moment I have my camera with me and no way to get out of there, I see that there are plenty of interesting things around me.

Finally, only one shot came out OK. Everything else was blurry due to the motion of my car and due to the vibration from the engine which I caught while using the door and the steering wheel instead of tripod. I’ll learn from this and reshoot the subjects in the next traffic jam with engine switched off (uh-oh) and faster ISO setting.

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