Petra tou Romiou and Kurium

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Today I had a lot of driving around historical places. Olga’s two cousines (Tatiana Babenko and Natalia Babenko) came to Cyprus for a few days, so we are back to the guided tour schedule.

So, firstly we went ot Petra tou Romiou, which is also known as Aphrodite’s birthplace. It is a very photogenic place and the only thing which gets in the way is a crowd of tourists. But than again, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t go there today. Secondly, we went to Kurium. We started by walking around the ruins of the theatre and everything else. Then we went down to the Kurium beach. It was too late for me and Olga to swim, but girls jumped into cold water none-the-less. Tour finished with some traditional kebab (Olga and I didn’t have it for years now…) and ice cream in Limassol.

I have made a bunch of pictures along the way. All of them are available here.

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