Incredible, amazing, awesome Apple

A couple of days ago I had yet another one of those discussions about Apple, where I was trying to figure out why people buy things like iPhone.  After all, you don’t have to be a particularly technical person to know that other phones had more and better functionality than iPhone.  And, as always, the discussion falls from the technical and “common sense” to fashion and “cool factor”.

Today, by accident, I came across a video, which provides a lot of explanation to the phenomena.


One thought on “Incredible, amazing, awesome Apple”

  1. Leo, i have to disagree with this one…
    It was (and still is) revolutionary, one of the first almost faultless touchy feely phones, fantastic interaction and pretty decent technology by comparison to its rivals using the same ‘touch screen style’ interface.
    You can add and update it endlessly, truly personalising it for your own individual use, BUT, and i think MOST IMPORTANTLY, without question – even if ‘maybe’ it isnt the best phone available now – It HAS without a doubt raised the bar for phone technology, interaction, and style. Every other phone company will up their game improving mobile phone technology, not just for those technically inclined, but also the run of the day people like me.
    i must now write about how fantastic the iphone is…..i must!!

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