Mozilla/Firefox bookmark keywords

Both Mozilla and Firefox browsers have a nice feature that is not so well known. One can assign unique keyword for the bookmark and then use this keyword in the address bar to quickly navigate to the bookmarked site. For example, go to and bookmark it. Then go Bookmarks menu and select Manage Bookmarks. Right-click on the newly created bookmark and choose to edit Properties. In the Properties window put ‘gi‘ where it says Keyword, click OK and close the bookmark manager. Now, whenever you type ‘gi‘ and hit Enter key while in the address bar, you will go to

This is a nice way to minimize the number of clicks you need to perform in order to get to your favourite sites. But it can be troublesome finding unique keywords for your bookmarks. Solving this particular problem is the aim of the “Mozilla/Firefox Custom Keywords Directory” project. They also cover a bit more on what you can do with your bookmark keywords. Check them out.

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