The Day After Tomorrow

We’ve went to see “The Day After Tomorrow” in the cinema today. Short story: it’s an excellent movie and everyone should go and see it while it’s on the big screen.

Long story. This film was created by the same guy who did “The Patriot“, “Godzilla“, “Independence Day” and “Universal Soldier” – Roland Emmerich. This time, though, he got everything right – story, cast, acting, sound, special effects – everything. There is a lot of action and suspence in the movie. Although it seems that most of the catastrophy takes place in the first half of the film, there is always something that keeps you glued to the screen (more catastrophy, complicated leg wound, wolves, whatever).

And there is scale. No. Scale. No. SCALE. Yup. Like this. I mean how often do you see a movie where there is a really global problem which wipes out few major cities? It happens. How often do they kill the president of the USA in the movie? It also happens (example: “Mars Attacks!“). But how often both of these (and some more) happen in the same movie? It was the first time for me.

So, with a solid 8/10 (Hazard gave it 9/10) this movie is a must see, but a must see on the big screen. This kind of scale is not something a TV can handle.

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