Cyprus Hack Day

I got a message today via an almost non-existing mailing list of Cyprus LUG (Linux User Group) about the following event (please forgive my reformatting, translation, and interpretation):

Event: Cyprus Hack Day
Date: Wednesday, June 1st, 2011
Time: 16:30
Location: University of Nicosia (used to be known as Nicosia campus of Intercollege)
Price: Free
Registration: Online, via Cyprus Computer Society website.

  • Presentation “Chaos in the cloud” by Dr Mike Chung, KPMG Netherlands
  • Presentation “The emperor has no clothes: Remote Access Trojans (RAT) – A Unique Danger” by Andreas Constantinides and Angelos Printezis, Odyssey Consultants Ltd.
  • Demonstration “Hack-Jutsu 101” by Demetris Papapetrou, Information security researcher.


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  1. Interesting. However not everybody is working for the government or some bank. I don’t understand why this is not starting at 18:00 or something.

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