Getting ready for Artificial Intelligence … again

Being a lazy bastard and a horrible student such as I am, there is no surprise in that I failed so many courses in the college. I am currently standing at 3 courses left for my Bachelor’s degree. One of these three courses – Artificial Intelligence – seems to be the toughest target due to a number of arguments I had with a teacher. And there is no way there will be any other teacher for this course in the near future, so I have to prepare myself real good. It is about time that I start with my morale. :)

Not to scare myself away, I will start small. I will just put three links in this post to other web resources, that I will visit during my preliminary preparations. Here they come:

  • Website of MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is here. Maybe I will anything entertaining to read in the number of publicationis and researches there that will interest me in the subject.
  • AI on the Web – is a collection of useful links to many AI resources. I am using at as a cheat, since I decided to have only 3 links in this post. :)
  • A Prolog Introduction for Hackers – another useful article at kuro5hin. Last time I took A.I., a substential amount of time was dedicated to Prolog studying without any useful materials provided, so this bookmark should help.

That’s it. This post is my greatest advance in studing A.I. during the last two years. :)

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