Moblogging with WordPress and P800

Leonid in the park

One of the things that annoy me about technology is the amount of useless abbreviations and acronyms. Moblogging is one of them. Moblogging stands for mobile blogging, which was supposed to mean blogging from some mobile device, such as cell phone, smartphone, PDA, etc.

So here I am sitting in the park with my son and writing this post from my SonyEricsson P800. Does it matter? I think not. I can do all I want from here. All WordPress functionality is available to me. I can even take and post pictures, if I feel like it.

So, I wonder, why do we need yet another acronym, that adds or imoroves nothing?

Maxim in the park

4 thoughts on “Moblogging with WordPress and P800”

  1. I think is because not everybody has a P800 thus all wordpress functionality is not avaliable to everyone that is posting to a blog though his mobile device.

  2. Well, the thing is that way too many phones support email. And most of the blogging software supports posting via email. Again, there won’t be any difference and you can even attach pictures and stuff.

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