Edward Scissorhands

I do have a special skill. With all the lot of movies that I am watching, anyone can still pretty much name a movie that everyone knows, everyone seen, everyone talks about, and I will be like “What? What’s that?”. It seems that everyone has seen “Edward Scissorhands“. Many people saw it more than twice in the last 14 years. It was on TV numerous times. Still, today was the first time I heard about it. And it was the first time I saw it.

Edward Scissorhands” is an absolutely amazing film. It is one of the best (if not the best) dramatic fairy tales that I have seen. It mixes all the classics like “The Beauty and The Beast”, “Pinoccio”, “Frankenstein” and a handful of others, and still it has something of its own.

Everything about this film was perfect – the story, acting (especially by covered with make-up up to unrecognizable leves Johnny Depp), music, decorations, costume design, casting. There was nothing I can put my finger on and say that they’ve missed the spot.

10 out of 10. I also think that this film would make an excellent addition to the home collection; particularly to those homes where children in their young teens are living. Great movie!

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