Nescafe vs. Grandos Express

During the last few years I seriously decreased my consumption of coffee. I used to drinks several cups a day, every day, with some coke mixed in in between. These days I drink it rarely. And mostly in the office. And mostly during my night shifts. And not more than two cups a night.

And for these last few years my brand of instant coffee was Grandos Express. I don’t even remember when, why and how I switched. But I remember that I used to drink Nescafe and than, at some point, I stopped and switched completely to Grandos Express.

Yesterday I ran out of coffee in the office and remembered about it on my way back to work, when it was late and everything was closed. I stopped by the only open kiosk on my way. They were selling only Nescafe, so I bought myself a small can.

When I made a cup of Nescafe in the office, I immediately realized why I switched to Grandos Express. Jez! Any coffee is better than Nescafe. Seriously! The smell only remotely suggest a weak relation some coffee product. The taste is horrible. And it doesn’t even look like the proper coffee – no froth (is that the right word?) what-so-ever. Yeah, I checked the expiration date and everything – all good.

It’s better to fall asleep. It’s better to drink the junk out of our office coffee machine. But I am not, under any circumstances, drinking another cup of Nescafe. Not even with the gun pointed to my head… Yuck!

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    1. I totally agree with you Leonid, I found grandos double expresso in the 99cents only store. I was reading the label when a woman came up behind me and raved about it; she then forced her husband empty the last dollars from his wallet to buy the whole case on the display. Usually I wouldn’t dream of drinking instant coffee because the after taste reminds me of a men’s urinal smell(don’t ask why) but I was intrigued and it was only a 99 cents so I bought a couple. After nuking a small cup of water I stirred in less than a teaspoon and I was pleasantly surprised how dark it was a that it made a little golden froth just on top like my espresso machine, wow! it even smelled good. I tasted a little bit and it was killer strong just like real espresso. I drink lattes mostly so after adding my favorite mocha flavored creamer and milk I was sold. Its quite delicious and much better than the instant coffee from Starbuck’s. I one little jar lasts forever. I keep one in house, my home office, and the emergency case in the trunk of my car. I french press my espresso brew each morning but still glad to find such and incredible little product.

      1. That’s one of the things I love the Internet for. No matter how strange or weird you are, no matter how little the things you care about are, you always have a chance to meet like-minded people. Thank you for the comment. :)

        1. Grandos double espresso is great and I got at the 99 cent store at first I bought 2 bottles the next mourning I tryed it out and it was really strong I didnt think it was going to be that strong lol I mixed two spoons in hot water with whole milk and half and half the tastes was great but just to add more then one spoon of it it gets you going at one point my heart was beating fast got a lil nervous so I recommend you sip it and drink it slowly after tasteibg I went back to the 99 cent store and bought 4 more bottles of it its powerful stuff all you need is less then a spoom full and this stuff will have you up and going for the day

        2. 99 cents store stopped carrying this product and I haven’t seen it for sale anywhere in San Diego CA, so now only on the internet. It is a rare european product and quite expensive at regular price but one small bottle last forever. There was a lead scare on this product, one lot from the packing company. I’m sure it was not the contaminated lot that ended up over here. its interesting how Free floating is even in the visinity of a food processing plant? The 99cent store most likely received the product as a trial experiment to get the products name and reputation out here as they do with all the experimental products like Hines hot chili ketchup and Tabasco pickles. Starbucks Columbian is decent instant and at $5, 50cents a cup its a still a bargain for on the go coffee. cheers!

  1. “Ditto” Best instant coffee I’ve had yet. The jar doesn’t say how much caffeine is in it. Anyone have an answer?

  2. I make regular trips to all 99 cent stores in my area, but I cannot find my favorite Grandos’ coffee anymore…..has anyone found a supply in the greater San Diego area ?

  3. Hi, I just purchased this coffee from my 99cent store (OC area) and it’s by Cafe Cordova now. All it is- is a name change- otherwise the packaging is the same. I was worried about the lead scare, does anyone happen to know more about this other than the initial suit?

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