In the morning Olga and I went to see her doctor. Another round of blood tests on Saturday should confirm that she is ready for the operation on Tuesday. Hopefully this nightmare will end soon.

In the other news, I’ve upgraded my office workstation to Fedora Linux Core 1. It turns out that I am one of the last people in the office to do so. :) The distribution itself is not that much different from the Red Hat Linux 9. This was expected. Graphical boot is really neat. Few glitches with terminal settings here and there, but I’ll look into them tomorrow. The whole process of upgrade was fast and easy. Graphical mode now works for network installs/upgrades too. Overall, nothing new apart from what is described in the release notes.

While I was at it, I downloaded compiled and installed Linux kernel 2.6.0-test9. This is the first 2.6.0 kernel I managed to compile (but I never was too persistent with it anyway). Actually, it went through the first time I’ve tried.

The rest of the day I was running on this new system with no particular changes noticed so far. I’ll pay more attention tomorrow. :)

The Matrix Revolutions

Today Olga, Hazard, and I went to see “The Matrix Revolutions“. I myself didn’t have any big expectations after all my feelings were so deeply hurt by the second part. The movie turned out to be pretty much what I expected. The scene with attack on Zyon is the only few minutes enjoyable from the whole movie. Trinity dying is worse then most of Mexican soap operas. Overall – the film is boring.