The Italian Job

In the other news: after I left the hospital, I went to the cinema to see The Italian Job. Nice movie. I’d say it’s a bit underrated on IMDB. It’s smooth, has some good action, chases, nice cars, babes, lots of money, lot of stars and a happy ending. It’s also a more or less classic story, so I has nothing much to think about – just watch and enjoy. :)


Olga is getting used to the hospital. She is full time under the dropper (the stick with the bottle on top, which injects medicine into her blood with small but often drops). They also give her some antibiotics and some other stuff.

More tests. Situation seem to be under control and Olga’s condition is stable. Doc says that operation may be carried on on coming Saturday.

Olga hospitalized

Oh, well. Today we decided that Olga should see a doctor. She had pains in her stomach and back very often for the last two weeks.

Someone recommended that we see a gastrologist. OK. We decided to go the nearest polyclinic (“Ygia”). When we almost entered the building, I saw a “Gastrologist” sign across the road and we agreed to go there first, since that would most probably save us some queue time. The gastrologist was on holidays though and his secretary suggested that we go and get inspection from the general surgeon from the office across the coridor.

The guy there looked reasonable. We went through a troubleshooting session (very much like a chechlist they give to technical support personal at ISPs), and decided to do X-Ray and blood tests.

X-Ray immidiately revealed the source of pain – Olga appeared to have two stones in her gal bladder (small thingy that helps liver): one 12mm and another 8mm. Blood tests confirmed the theory. After not much of a discussion Olga is hospitalized and will undergo and operation to remove her gal bladder. The doctor promised that this will not affect any of her “afterlife”.

Quick shopping for the hospital staff and she is in. More news tomorrow.