Home network day. First, I’ve decided to test apt at home, before pushing for it at work together with Hazard. Bang and all four computers had and apt RPM installed, and “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade” executed. Hmm, works really nice. Couple of packages installations for a test, and I am totally convinced we should use this at work.

If you know nothing about apt, or don’t have a slightest idea on how to add it to your Red Hat Linux machine, then check out FreshRPMs’ apt section. It’s sweet! And the whole setup takes like 7 seconds. :)

After I got satisfied with apt, there was time to do something else. This time there was a need to get messy – Olga’s system hard drive needed replacement. She is still using that old 4GB hard disk I gave her before we were married. Actually, long before we were married. :) So, I ripped of her computer into pieces and… found another hard disk which was only 1GB, which I gave her the first time we met in the pre-Historic age. :)

Anyway, all these antique junk has been removed and replaced by a Renaissance era 8GB hard disk.

Next time, I guess, I’ll buy some RAM for her, since she only has 128MB RAM which kind of swappy. :)

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