Saturday the Trip day. Today we set our goal to Cape Greko again. Long trip, lots of driving, and we finally there. It was nice, but not as spectacular as Akamas. Made few pictures and drove around a bit more. Then we came about a sandy beach that Hazard wanted to visit very much, but everyone else didn’t hear his wish, so we past by it. Well, next time…

Search for food brought us to Larnaca, where we tried to eat first in some greek tavern, which was out of char coal due to off season, and the guys were lazy enough not to make frappe for Olga. We moved around a bit and found a place called Koulis tavern or something, which was described in a “Rough Guide to Cyprus” as a place where one can eat, but the smell of burned oil or burned fish was so heavy and terrible that we didn’t even sit for a minute.

That left us out of ideas, so we decided to get into to the first place which would look nice, which happened to be right next door to Koulis. Varoshiotis Seafood Restaurant. Excellent place. The interrior had a somewhat inside-the-nice-yacht designs, nicely done menu, good service. We settled there. Lots of food and drinks. Octopus was the best starter out of all we had. Jack Daniels’ sword fish was excellent, though Hazard didn’t like it at all, and Lev ate it but said it was so-so. I enjoyed the sweet and sour taste with an excellent sause which I have no idea how they made. The sause tasted like appricot jam with onion. Or at least that is as close as I can get. :) Separate menu for deserts, nice ice creams, cakes, and the other sweet staff. I also had a cup of excellent Costa Rickan filtered coffee. The bill was reasonable, but not cheap. Overall, both Olga and I liked it so much that we will go there once again sometime. To top that all, there is also a website for this restaurant – www.varoshiotis.com.
It’s all in greek, but pictures and the map can still be useful, if you can find them. :)

Back to Limassol. We decided to go to the movies again today. It was still early, so we sat on the balcony having a nice discussion. :)

The movie we went to see today was “Bad Boys II“. It was not bad, but I cannt call it exceptional by any means. Lots of gun fights, bad language, jokes, cars, babes, police, etc. If you are for the movie, but there is nothing else to choose from, go and see this one. ;)

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