Third day of vacations. We are starting to feel the spirit… :)

First, the traditional by now part of English breakfasting in the hotel restaurant, swimming pool fights, lots of photos, and the like. An interesting note about English breakfasts in this hotel: while food is of a proper quality, the combination of products makes it impossible to have one proper English breakfast. Each day a different component is missing: beans, eggs, sausages… Strange feeling of a trend. :)

Today we decided to have a real adventure for us and for our 4×4 friend. Akamas. And I am not talking about some sandy beaches in Akamas Peninsula 20 minutes away from our hotel. I mean real Akamas. Firstly, we took a different road to Polis, which laid through the many villages and a mountain. Some spectacular views there. All photographed, of course. :) Then, a cultural visit to Baths of Aphrodite with some more pictures taken there.

…and then a real thing. The arrow sign said: “Fontains of Amorosa”. And the road sign below it show a brick and claimed: “No entry”. Of course they meant all those normal sedans and saloons which are not ready for the rough part of the “Rough Guide to Cyprus” book. :) Some nice driving with the top speed of 5 km/hour over bumpy stones, red sands, between rocks and cliffs with the sea view to the right starting 30 santimeters to the right and 200 meters below the car. :)

First sandy beach we found was not actually a beach, but rather a sandy field surrounded by rocks which were vulcano lava long long long time ago. Nice view, but totally unprepared for beach tourism. So we continued deeper into the nature…

The second place we found was rather nice, so we decided to stay since it was a long late into the afternoon. Quick picnic with sandwitches and beer. The beach turned out to be a sneaky bastard. Sandy shore turned into a shallow rocky bottom. One had to walk few hundred meters for the water to get deep enough to cover shoulders. Rocks were terrible for walking with lots of staff growing over them. The water was warm though. Overall, it was good enough for one in time in 5 years, but not more often. :)

Back in Paphos we thought that it would be nice to have some real restaurant food today. First choice happened to be an Italian restaurant. We found it rather quickly, but unfortunately it was totally booked and hopelessly busy. So we continued with the second choice which was Metaxa restaurant. Luckily, they found a table for us. Excellent place with very nice service, excellent dishes (chicken liver, souzoukakia, and mushroom stake) and reasonable prices.

Joy and happy we are back home for a traditionally game of poker until it’s bed time. :)

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