Second day of vacations. This one starts from the morning. Kind of English breakfast at the hotel restaurant, then fun in the swimming pool.

A bit of planning followed with us deciding to rent a 4×4 car. It turned out that most of the rental offices that you could find by just travelling along the streets were out of cars. It’s unbelievable how many people are renting cars in the middle of September in Paphos. So, we got back home empty and started to call every rental office that came up in our mind or in the directory, or in Hazard’s invaluable book (“Rough Guide to Cyprus”). Luckily we find Budget Rentals where the last Suzuki Vitara is waiting for us. Good.

Back to home to prepare a lunch box for our picnic trip to Akamas Peninsula. That’s just a warm up. :)

In the evening, we tried cooking shrimps for first time. It turned out to be much easier then we thought. Actually, it’s even much easier and faster then cooking mussles by Hazard’s recipe. :) Just drop them into boiling water for 3-5 minutes and they are done. That’s the simpliest way of doing it. Numerous variations on spices and other ingridents are possible.

Second search expedition for K-Cineplex. It failed again, but not as misarably as yesterday. We managed to find some Oasis cinema which was built and equipped before the World War II, I beleive. We stayed to see a rather boring movie – “View from the Top“. If you’ll ever have a chance not to see it, use it. :)

Back at home, using the Internet we found out that there is …. [DRUMS PLAYING] …. NO K-CINEPLEX CINEMA IN PAPHOS!!! :) That’s one funny thing. :) Whatever…

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