I, Robot

Olga and I went to RIO cinema to watch “I, Robot” today. It is a much hyped film about robots getting too smart and not following three laws of robotics (1. Don’t harm people. 2. Obey people, unless orders conflict with law 1. 3. Self preserve, unless conflict with laws 1 and 2.)

Many people who saw this movie and read original story by Isaac Asimov were really pissed off by how much the film was different. I haven’t read any Isaac Asimov, but I the story was in the film was very simple and stampy usual. Anyone who has seen more than two Hollywood cop movies, knows the story and the characters. By now I think that anything else would be better. So, I do support the group which is pissed off about turning Asimov’s story around and simplifying it, because I really doubt that a classic sci-fi author (or whatever was that he wrote) would come up with such simplicity.

Apart from the simple story, everything else was pretty good. Will Smith was as good as he usually is. Else of the actors crew was acceptable. The soundtrack was pretty good. And the computer graphics were excellent. Graphics were the main point of hype about the film and they proved themselves worthy. Lots of details, dynamics, and surroundings. Lots of things rendered. Actually, even part of Smith was rendered, but that’s a spoiler. :)

In general, I would expect a little less tak and a little more action from a movie like that, but the difference would be small. So, I’ll rate it as a strong 7 out of 10, while Olga thinks that 6.5/10 is enough. Go see it while it is in the movies.

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