Today’s morning part is like yesterday’s. Adventures though are relocated back to Akamas Peninsula (and more specifically Lara Bay beach), which proved to have best places for rest and leasure. :)

We spent food time at the Lara Bay restaurant, which was not shy enough to put “C-Class restaurant” string on top of it’s menus. And there is nothing to be shy, when you are actually a D-Class restaurant. :) Well, I’ve to give it that – it’s nicely placed on small hill just on the shore of the sea. But apart from that everything stinks. Service is close to none: you’ll have to pick up the menus from the bar yourself and then you’ll use a strange set of gestures to attract the attention of the person closest to the waiter so that he could pass on the message. Food is eatable but not better then that. We were advised to have some pork souvla, which was said to be surprisingly good today, but showed up to be the worst pieces of pork overdone on fire that I ever had. And that’s not it. There are 2 adult dogs with 3 almost adult puppies and an adult cat with 3 or 4 almost adult kittens. Disclaimer: I have nothing against animals in general. But when they bark at you for not giving them a piece of something that you have I don’t like it. When then try to storm the table using the latest strategies and tactics from the military officer’s book I don’t like it. Well, I better stop here… The only plesent thing except for sea was the presence of draught Carlsberg which saved the day.

After the beach, back in Paphos, we used the knowledge from yesterday’s mistake and booked the table in Cavallini restaurant. My first impressions were not very possitive due to a lot of people sitting behind tables which were located like 30 cm away from each other. That’s overcrowded in my book. The table for us was not ready, so we had to wait a bit inside on the couch. That’s a touchy thing. Menus looked fine as did the waiters. Servicing itself was not much, although everyone tried to stay as up to the class as possible. Food was very good, but not excellent. Except for the ice cream. That old family recipe is something. Overall a good place, but not worth a trip to Paphos. Not like yesterday. :)

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