The Marksman

The Marksman (2005)With all those movies out there, once in a while I get confused and watch a wrong one. I wanted to see “The Marksmen” that I’ve heard so many good things about. But instead I watched “The Marksman” with Wesley Snipes.

Directed by: Marcus Adams
Genres: Action
Cast: Tim Abell, Warren Derosa, Richard L. Fox, William Hope, Wesley Snipes, Serge Soric
IMDB raintg: 4.2
My rating: 2.0 [rate 2.0]

And my oh my was it a waste of time. This film is yet another cheap (or maybe not) attempt to make one of those America vs. Russia movies that mix Chechnya, nuclear weapons, and some superman marine that saves the world.

The story was bad. The acting was terrible. But worst of all were the dialogs. They sounded like someone was just copying phrases from other movies. My face was turning into a disgust grimace every time someone said something and I had no control of it.

This movie should have never been produced. And while at it, I guess much more money were spent on it than it should have. There’s a lot of “expensive” equipment footage in the film – planes, helicopters, tanks and stuff like that. I don’t know if all these were stolen from other movies too though.

Resume: ignore this film. It isn’t worth the time.

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