It’s the 17th!!! No, 17th of September is not my birthday. Nor it’s a national holiday. And it’s far enough from Xmas day. And not the paycheck day. And it’s not even a Friday or Saturday…

No, it’s the first day of my vacation! Actually, it’s our vacation, not only mine. Olga, Hazard, and I are going to Paphos until Sunday of this week. And we are officially on vacations, on days off, out of the office, disconnected from the civilization and unreachable for the world. At least as far, as we can do it. :)

In order to darken a little bit the bright colors of the day, Hazard has his most black and unlucky day of his life. First, he was woken up early in the morning (before our trip to Paphos) by collegues who managed to press the dont-touch-the-red-auto-destruction button. That made him spent half of the nice morning working in the office. He used the opportunity of office connectivity to prepare the vacation notebook with all kinds of mp3s and DivX movies. But, the dark powers killed the notebook with electric shock right into the hard disk after few hours of copying files. He decides to get his butt back home where he finds out that wind played with his freshly washed clothes drying outside. Not a big issue you might say, but still…

Finally, we take off to Paphos and I am driving just in case. :) We check in at the Mayfair Hotel appartments, which seems like a nice place to stay for a few days. We are on the ground floor of a huge two bedroom flat which has an empty parking lot on one side and a swimming pool on the other. The swimming pool was actually much closer then parking lot. It was only 10 footsteps from away from the kitchen or our bedroom door. Lots of fun we shall have! :)

Lunch and shopping for vital items at Paphos Woolworth. Hazard’s blackest day continues with the news of evil powers stealing his credit card. Whoops! And if you still don’t believe in daemons and other scary staff, the worst of all happenned. It took Hazard about 3 hours to configure dial-up on his PC. He had all the wierd problems with modems, cables, mouse, power supply, phone, settings, and whatever else was possible in that day.

Evenings in Paphos are really really quiet and if you find yourself there you have to think about how to entertain yourself. We decided not to push it the first day and just go to the cinema. I had a memory of seeing K-Cineplex cinema in Paphos so we started a search-and-enjoy expedition. Numerous attempts to find the cinema on the same streets, turn-arounds, sneaky manouvers, etc. Driving until it was too late to even call the staff for help. So, we got back to home and played a little poker. Obviously, dark powers were against Hazard, but I am not going to describe their disgusting behaviours. :)

Off to bed, when everyone started to fall asleep. Good start! :)

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