Phone Booth

Big day at work – I’ve finally released the new version of Intranet (Webcentral). This time it was completely rewritten in perl (originally in PHP). Lots of bug fixes, new features and design improvements. Nice! :)

Movie in the evening with Olga and Hazard. This time we went to see the “Phone Booth“. Olga and Hazard both didn’t like it much because of the trivial ending. I, on the other hand, enjoyed all the way. The plot was exactly as I expected it to be – no surprise there. But acting was very nice and the shooting of the whole damn thing from the point of view of the single phone booth was rather nice. Anyway, I liked the movie a lot, they didn’t, but I can write about it here and they can not. :)

Sophie’s ice cream afterwards. Then some beer and a discussion about high school times, marasm, Cosmopolitan and Playboy, and some other mostly random staff. :)

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