What the Terrorists Want

Excellent, excellent word on War on Terrorism. I wish more people thought like that.

It’s time we calm down and fight terror with antiterror.

4 thoughts on “What the Terrorists Want”

  1. It’s time we calm down and fight terror with antiterror.

    Heh. Nicely said. From a point of view of a man who, actually, can’t see further then his nose.
    Terrorism is a very profitable and unique evil creature for:
    1.Politicians – what a big new horizons and themes opened…
    2.CIA, FBR, Mossad, exKGB-FSB(you name it) etc.etc.etc – they’r getting much BIGGER piece from a State budged pie and nearly immediate approval for any operations like putting bugs in a telephone line, video-audio spying and so on just for the excuse of ‘suspicion of a terrorism” – nice and easy, just like a click!
    3.”Nationality” of terrorism is straight away corresponds with “nationality” of a biggest oil owners – so, guys, let’s take oil from them(he-he-he-he). Would you go against BP, Shell, ESSO, Mobil and so on? Yeah,yeah, of course…So, it’s EXTREMELY profitable for them as well
    4.Also weapons manufacturers…should I explain why ;)
    5.Military…they have to get their stuff exercised in real situations and have to get rid of old expired weapons, plus here again comes the extended piece of a budget pie
    6.Mass Media – GOLDEN BOTTOM! I think, that 90% of “terrorist attacks” are created by them – MEGAprofits!
    So…TERRORISM is good for EVERYBODY, except just common and ordinary people…but who bloody ever give a damn about them?

  2. I’m just being on the side of “common and ordinary people” here. While they should, of course, understand the reasons behing profitability of terrorism, they shouldn’t be scared. Those are just big boys playing, not real threats…

  3. Then FIRST thing to do is to throw away the magic box called TV set and never go to any news sites. And sing “Halleluyah”!!! :)

  4. Amen to that, man! That’s the way I live through my life. No news websites. No TV. Every occasional exposure to global news scares the Big J outta me.

    If there are news worth knowing, someone else will tell them. Either in the blogs, or in person. And the ugly details and bloody images will usually get censored by normal people.

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