Also, I’ve finally upgraded my home workstation to Red Hat Linux 9. This officially marks the point in history when all my computers at home (4 currently) are running the same version of the same operating system. I think that’s for the first time since the beginning. This event also marks the point in history at which all machines which are primary and vital for my work are running the same version of the same operating system. And that adds the office workstation to the pile. :)

Overall, I am pretty happy with Red Hat Linux 9. And especially with new version of KDE that was shipped with it. Most of the glitches that annoyed me before are fixed, fonts are looking good, integration made a long way and is close to perfect now. Numerous pieces of software for every possible need I had, have, will or might have in the future are all installed here also.

All these altogether masquarades my personal record of staying off the AfterStep for more then a week now. AfterStep is, or should I say was, the absolute champion in my window managers category. It’s light, fast and furious. KDE, on the other hand, is more featured, easier to use, and is actually a desktop manager with a window manager built in. Both are good, and I needed to change something, so I guess that’ll be it. :)

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