Discovery day. We started of with the visit to the new beach, which Hazard read about in the Internet. It was kind of OK, but the water was freezing. Noone agreed with me on this though, so it might have been something wrong with me. :)

In the evening we decided to find a new food point. Limassol eating and drinking guide suggested a couple of places. Italian restaurant in Akrotiri was all booked and they couldn’t find a talbe earlier then in one hour. Taurus steak ang grill house looked and smelled ugly, so we decided not to stay there for more then two minutes. Some more driving around and we end up in “Old Vienne” restaraunt. Overall it was OK. Mussles were kind of nice. Grilled mushrooms were ugly since they were in bread crunches which dried them out. Meat was no good too, and I suspect again because of the crunches. It was also a bit crowded which explains the slow service.

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