Trip to Nissi beach, Agia Napa

Saturday aka trip day again. This time we are off to Agia Napa. Cyan sea, white sandy beach, lots of bars and restaraunts. That’s about all there is in Agia Napa. Anyway. We went to Nissi beach, which is behind, guess what, a Nissi Beach Hotel. :) Some food in the beach restaraunt to wait for the sun to go a bit down. A pint, of course.

The sand is something. The view is magnificant, but the water is full of some green shit, which is probably because of the tourists dumping all sorts of crap into the water. And the water was hot. Not warm, not chealing, but hot.

After couple of hours on the beach, we went for another pint to the only nice place that we all know in Agia Napa – Jasmine. It’s a huge pub with food and drinks and nice design. It looks like you are sitting in the huge tree. Refreshing, after Limassol pubs.

Trip back home with original plan to watch a movie, but noone is in the mood, so we play a game of poker at my place. Olga won. I took the second place and Hazard did the third. Lev was outta game with way too much bluffing. :) And showing his cards.

That’s about it. As usual, waiting for Hazard to put out the pictures.

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