Fridge hunting and random bits

Since I spent the night in the NOC, most of the day was up to my disposal. Of course, until the evening, when I had to get my butt back to NOC.

First few hours after awakening were devoted to moving around the town trying to make a picture of what shops and offices are already closed, which will close in the next few hours, and which will close in the next few days. It’s holiday seasons, so most of it was either closed or preparing to get closed.

Since we (me and Olga) were already moving around the city, we decided to do something useful. Like buying a fridge. :) Apparently, all midium sized fridges were sold out to other normal families who would need them. Shops were left with small to extra small sized fridges for children and bachelor students and large to extra large fridges for, I suspect, families of no less then 40 people. Seriously. I could fit three times in one of those fridges, and I no small guy. :) Anyway, we wondered around and did some research. Finally, we set on a silver colored midium (rare size) Hitachi. I don’t have a picture at the moment, but here is something that looks similar (although I am not sure about the size of this one, and the color is totally different). Since there are all these holidays around, it will get delivered only next week. But, we can survive. Oh, and if you are interested, it totals to 260 CYP.

Back to NOC where I do another round of coding. And that reminds me that I haven’t mentioned any of the perl modules that I was using recently and liked in particular, since the time of Class::DBI. Well, here is a nice and easy HTML::FromText for you, which makes it easy staff like text to HTML convertion. Soon enough, I’ll have it in the new version of this site too and you’ll be able to enjoy better formatted posts.

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