In the afternoon, I’ve met with Lev for a pint and some beer shopping. Not much action anyway. In the evening though, Hazard came, we picked up Lev and went to Bavarian which is a German delikatessen shop with few tables to serve those delicatesses and beer. Service was awful though. But food and beer were very nice. We had an excellent time with Hazard being a guest star comic. :) Then we picked up Olga and went to Hazard’s place to watch a movie. “Fargo” this time. Supposedely a good movie. Everyone liked it. I liked the first 1/3 or even 1/4, but then could help myself off falling asleep. Now, I don’t mind when it happens while watching something boring, but when there is a good film screening – that’s becoming a problem. Maybe I need more sleep. :)

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