Daily tweets

  • My WP Options post is right after @Scobleizer ‘s post about Apple press conf on http://botd.wordpress.com/top-posts/ (places 18&19) #
  • "World Domination proceeding as planned." I don’t remember who said it first, but it’s such a cool quote… it’s on my mind all the time. #
  • You probably already saw the iPhone Blend, but here it is just in case. http://tinyurl.com/3dfum7 #
  • Sorted out my email… There is nothing better to start a day with then replying to blog comments. And then coffee. #
  • Mashable, Web Worker Daily, and WordPress Planet are all technology feeds that I about lately… #
  • http://www.twittergram.com/ sounds cool #
  • http://www.improveyourimages.com/ Sounds like a nice idea, but in practice – little impovement can be automatically done over modern dig … #
  • r #
  • I’m number 80 in Top Blogs @ WordPress.com : http://botd.wordpress.com/ #

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