1 day downtime

We’ve just had our power back. Somehow, while we were in Russia, our electricity bill wasn’t payed because of an insufficient funds at that bank account. The bill wasn’t forwarded properly and there were no notices either from the bank, or from the electricity company.

Yesterday the power was cut around 11:00am. We thought that it was only a temporary thing. Around 1:30pm I called the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) and asked them to troubleshoot the problem. It was then I was told that the bill wasn’t payed and that the offices are closing in about twenty minutes.

Today morning I payed the bill and 23 CYP of reconnection charges and the power was switched back on in less then an hour. We are back to normal with appologies to everyone who sufferred.

During the last 24 hours or so I came to realize how deeply we are dependant on electricity. So many things that I’ve missed so much… First of all, no Internet. Either incoming or outgoing. Not only was I cut off from the universe, but the universe was cut off from me too. Extra pain. Secondly – computers. While my laptop’s battery provided for some digital entertainment, it didn’t last for long. No picture editing, no word processing, no reading, no gaming. Boring. Air conditioning was off. With 35C in shadow it wasn’t much fun. Hot. And even the fan was off. Very hot. Fridge stopped freezing things, although it maintained those items inside somewhat cool. But our consumption of cold drinks raised and we were off limits. Food – cooker wasn’t working. Coffee – pot wasn’t working. TV and lights were off which cut off our analog entertainment (even reading).

I hope I won’t have to go through another day like this ever again in my life. Cut it one day short, if need be. Just kidding.

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