Beach and food

Beach day! We (Olga, Lev, Hazard, and myself) are out on the beach. For Lev, Olga and myself this is the first time for the season. For me it is even the first time for the last two years. Yes, no beach last year. :) That was not too bad, you know. We went to the beach after 4:00pm, so there was no that much sun, and water was kind of cool and chilling. Lev, Vladimir and Olga played a never ending game of Uno. Well, actually that was one of the variations. If you haven’t played it yet, here are the links for you to buy the deck, read the rules, and read the FAQ. One advice though: do NOT play it if you are short on time or if you get bored easily.

After the sun/water sandy swimming activities we moved on to the feeding part at Lev’s place with lots of nice food cooked by his mother and her friend. It was mostly Uzbecks cuisine with traditional dish of osh. And that was one of the damn best osh I’ve ever tried. If you suddently got interested in Uzbeks, who they are and what they do, here is another link for your enjoyment.

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