I was doing plenty of browsing with my new affection – w3m web browser.

Firstly, It doesn’t need to be compiled by any Red Hat Linux user, since it’s in the distribution already. Of course, I’ve found that out after I compiled it and built the RPM.

Secondly, it behaves much like all other text-mode browsers that I’ve been using until now (lynx, links, etc). You can use lynx-, vi-, and/or emacs-style navigation. Tables, frames, cookies, SSL, and proxies are all well supported and nicely working. You’ve got colors even.

Thirdly, if you run it from a graphical terminal (xterm), you will even see graphics! That’s pretty impressive. You’ll have to get used to it, so give it few minutes.

Fourthly, and most importantly, you have a very nice integration with other programs. And I mean it. For example, you will use your favourite editor to fill all those TEXTAREAs! You are one button away to see current page in another browser (up to three other browsers are supported). You can fire up your favourite email client to communicate.

Still not interested? Well, I’ll stop with a mention of mouse support… Yes, you can click on links with all the different buttons that you have, and you can even scroll pages by dragging them up and/or down.

Sorry, I cannot tell you any more, since it’s my first day with the program and I haven’t yet even looked in the config file.

P.S.: Really nice bookmarks. Small, simple, with groups/categories. And I suspect they are stored in Plain Old HTML.

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