Gitchain – decentralized, peer-to-peer Git repositories

Gitchain – decentralized, peer-to-peer Git repositories

Gitchain is an application of ideas behind Bitcoin, Namecoin and DHT applied to Git hosting. Once you install it, it acts as a local proxy to the entire Gitchain P2P network.

The end of currency

TechChrunch has a nice post covering the developments and ideas in the area of digital money.  Even though most of the discussed is far from being practical today, the ideas and the progress are still fascinating.

Virtual currencies are in the news again with all the discussion aroundBitcoins, which is limited in supply and can be exchanged anonymously. Our own long experience with another digital currency, Ven, has made us think about the logical conclusion of these activities, and what it means for money at large.  And what it means is the end of money as we know it.

Daily bookmarks

For today I have a few Bittorrent links. We all have to do our peer-2-peering once in a while, don’t we?

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