Compilation-installation-testing day. Compressed quoting in tin finally pissed me of, and I’ve built mutt RPM with NNTP support (vvv.nntp patch). Using mutt-1.5.3 was also a good excuse for the CPU cycles. Once I start, I am unstoppable, so mozilla’s new 1.3 beta release didn’t have to wait too long. Font aliasing is a new concept for myself.. err, for my eyes. I’ll keep it for a couple of days, and if it won’t start unblurring, I’ll build it without xft staff.

Looks like I also have a night of php programming of LDAP web interfaces in front of me. Heh, well, ok.

Random bits

Today I did have the first production restore using amanda. It went like a charm. I’ve spent some time with Red Hat Network today, since updates were coming faster then I could put them – kernel, php, openldap, kerberos, xpdf, etc.

Half of the day was spent on a somewhat lengthy presentation by HP guys. Few of them were local, rest came from Greece. Nice talk about HP itself, hardware (mostly Proliant servers and blades), and software (mostly OpenView). Few of them were rather impressed by our home-grown solution based on Nagios (aka Netsaint), MRTG, RT help desk, tkined/scotty, mtr, and few other tools (maybe later I will fill in the links, but now I am too lazy and tired).

Random bits

Lots of during the first half of the day. Tested out most of the cool scripts and plugins. Checked out few colorscemes. In general, colors, IMHO, are better from the default installation, but perl compiler settings, calendar plugin, man and info plugins, ‘complete’ion options with the proper dictionary, and few other things came very handy.

Lots of meetings during the second half of the day and it seems that I will get a better set of working hours (finally!).

Chesters bar with few old-time friends, lots of beer and buffalo wings… Few tequillas to close the mess. :) Not a bad day at all.


Testing out the LVM (Logical Volume Management) on Linux (using Red Hat Linux 8.0). Installed and configured as a charm in less then 30 minutes. Not bad for the first try. We’ll see how that 240 GBytes disk (made of two 120 GBytes) will perform.


Spent most of the day educating myself about Ultrium tape drive technology and HP solutions which utilize it. Looks pretty nice. Ultrium technology is defenetely something I want to get my hands on (and I probably will within the next month or two). No cleaning (generally, apart from special cases), large capacity (100 GBytes native), good transfer rate (15-20 MBytes/second native), almost hardware tape verification (if I got it right), implementations from multiple vendors, open tape format, and few other nice things.

Something nice that I have been looking over from HP was a tape library module with 60 slots, with up to 4 Ultrium tape drives. Each module like this has 2 mail slots, which can be used to move tapes around other connected modules (up to 4 in this case). Good price offer. Expandable. Flexible, with good capacities (24 TBytes native, 240 slots, 16 drives). Touch screen control panel, SCSI, supported by all major operating systems. What else could a backup admin ask for?