Yum Fast Downloader 0.6.0 Released!

Gladly, I was able to devote some time to update yum fast downloader plugin to work much better with recent yum versions in Fedora 19/20. The plugin effectively disabled delta rpm support since the integration of presto into yum. To fix the issue, I reworked the plugin using the new download framework of yum/urlgrabber. The result is yum-fast-downloader plugin for Fedora 20, which not only fixes the problem but also brings better integration. As a result, the plugin is now responsible for almost all downloads including downloading drpm packages.
Besides, it is now possible to specify arbitrary command line arguments (e.g. -q) for aria2c in the plugin’s configuration file.

Facebook and the Linux kernel

Within Facebook, anyone can look at and change the code in its source repositories. The facebook.com site has its code updated twice daily, he said, so the barrier to getting new code in the hands of users is low. Those changes can be fixes or new features.

As an example, he noted that the “Look Back” videos, which were created by Facebook for each user and reviewed all of their posts to the service, added a huge amount of data and required a lot more network bandwidth. The process of creating and serving all of those videos was the topic of a Facebook engineering blog post. In all 720 million videos were created, which required an additional 11 petabytes of storage, as well as consuming 450 Gb/second of peak network bandwidth for people viewing the videos. The Look Back feature was conceived, provisioned, and deployed in only 30 days, he said.

The Linux kernel is one of the largest collaborative software projects in the history of the world and has almost nothing in the way of formalized management structure. We have people who have a strong operating systems background who have been contributing code, and then we have people like me. I have a background in fruit fly genetics and yet someone lets me get close to the Linux kernel; this seems wrong. And then we have people who are genuinely kids in their bedroom. It’s a miracle it works as well as it does. We should be astonished that we’re able to get it so right so much of the time.

Matthew Garrett