Domain hunting: 220,000+ domain ideas

Yes, you’ve read it right – I am about to give you more than 220,000 ideas for domain names. And no secrets too…

I stumbled upon this blog entry, which talks about and how the domain name was a part of the success of that site. It also gives a few examples for every country top level domain (TLD). I found the idea very cool, but the list of examlpes rather limited.

And than I thought why not to use a dictionary and some Perl programming to generate more examples. I got the list of country TLDs from this IANA page, edited it a bit with Vim and than used Perl to crossmatch it with the list of words provided by intallation of words-3.0-2.3 on my Linux box (which was based on Moby project).

The result of the script’s ouput is the sorted list of words that match each country’s domain name. You can customize few things as well. Minimum domain length in characters can be specified. Also, you can ignore words that start with or contain some match somewhere in the word. By default, words that contain underscore (‘_’) are ignored.

Here are the files:

  • – the script itself.
  • tlds.txt – list of TLDs for all countries. Edit this file to contain only those countries that you are interested in.
  • domains.txt.gz – compressed file with the result of the script run for all countries. This file is roughly 700 KBytes.
  • domains.txt – result of the script run for all countries. The file is about 2.5 MBytes. NOTE: download this file only if you’re not going to run the script yourself AND if you don’t have gzip on your machine.

If after reading all of the above you’re still wondering what I am talking about, here is a little quote from the domains.txt file for Cyprus.

Domains for cy (Cyprus):

Have your breaks in time with KDE

I’ve already talked about KDialog and DCOP which are two magic KDE tools that could use more promotion. Today I came across another nice examlpe in this post.


PROGRESS=$(kdialog --icon kalarm --title "Short rest" \
    --progressbar "Take a break..." 30)

if [ $PROGRESS ]; then
  for (( i=0; i<30; i++ )); do
    dcop $PROGRESS setProgress $i
    sleep 1
  dcop $PROGRESS close

This simple shell script will remind you to have timed 30 second breaks when executed at predefined intervals from KAlarm. You'll see a nice progress bar while having a break.

Children vs. adults

It’s interesting how some adult things are more obvious to children than to some adults. I witnessed this many times with different kids. Today I came across yet another examle.

A Brief Conversation with Charlie (age 4) About Politics and Conservation:
HIM: Dad, are there bad guys?
ME: Yeah, I suppose there are.
HIM: Do we know any bad guys?
ME: No. No, I don’t think we do.
HIM: Is Bush a bad guy?
ME: Bush?
HIM: The President. Bush. Is he a bad guy?
ME: Well, I think he really believes that…uh…well, some people have different opinions than other people…uh…
HIM: But he wants to drill in the arctic! And that will hurt the animals! We have to stop him and make him go away! People need to stop building so many houses! We have to stop Bush! People shouldn’t drive their cars so much!
ME: Hey, get your shoes on.

On mobiles

Talking the phone was always distructing to me. I could never concentrate on two things at the same time very well. This is why I am very against the idea of talking on the phone while driving. Today I was proved once again that mixing mobile conversations with any other activities is a bad thing. All I wanted to do was withdraw some cash from the ATM. While talking. 30 seconds after I approached the machine, it informed me that my card was swollen for good and will not come back today. Only when I hang up, I realized that I was typing in the wrong PIN. Stupid me…

Things to be missed

For a few days now Olga is obviously thinking about things she’ll be missing in the future. I know that because she shares her worries pretty often. I have to say that I am often thinking about the same issues. Most of these things to be missed have, of course, to deal with Maxim. Small stutf, like when he joins his hands, and puts them on his chest. He can do it easily now, but it still requires a certain amount of concentration from him. Very soon he’ll be able to do it in split second and with his eyes shut. And we’ll miss it. Another thing is that now we can pretty much do whatever we want with him. We can pick him up, hug him, kiss him, baby talk with him. It’ll be too soon when he’ll be embarassed by this sort of behaviour. All kids are. We’ll still want to do it, but he won’t let us. And we’ll miss the times when we were in control. Which are the current times…

Just a thought

One of these days I was talking to a friend of mine. I was very morning slow, but I was surprised at my fast reaction to one of his phrases. It went like this:

Friend: I am downloading Windows Longhorn now…

Me: It’s like saying that you’re getting a 26 inch dildo. You’re free to do what you want, but I won’t be too proud of that, you know.

Now, where did that come from?

Schuh des Manitu, Der

Schuh des Manitu, Der (2001)Watching a movie once in a while can do some good. This time I saw something random – “Schuh des Manitu, Der“.

Directed by: Michael Herbig
Genres: Comedy, Western
Cast: Michael Herbig, Christian Tramitz, Sky Dumont, Marie Bäumer, Hilmi Sözer, Rick Kavanian, Tim Wilde, Sigi Terpoorten, Robinson Reichel, Oliver Wnuk, Irshad Panjatan, Tim Sikyen, Robert Alan Packard, Salvatore Pascale, Antonio Ramirez
IMDB raintg: 6.4
My rating: 6.0

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Sleep marathon

Maxim amazed us today. Actually, it started yesterday. He ate around five in the afternoon. We tried to put him to sleep, but couldn’t because he wasn’t feeling well. Around 9pm, when it was almost the time to eat again, he fell asleep. He was very tired, so we decided to let him sleep. We thought he would sleep for an hour or so. 7 hours later, at 4am today, we decided to wake him up. Olga couldn’t hold up all the milk and we were also worried for the guy.

7 hours of sleep! Can you believe that? 11 hours without food! Is he growing up or something?