Domain hunting: 220,000+ domain ideas

Yes, you’ve read it right – I am about to give you more than 220,000 ideas for domain names. And no secrets too…

I stumbled upon this blog entry, which talks about and how the domain name was a part of the success of that site. It also gives a few examples for every country top level domain (TLD). I found the idea very cool, but the list of examlpes rather limited.

And than I thought why not to use a dictionary and some Perl programming to generate more examples. I got the list of country TLDs from this IANA page, edited it a bit with Vim and than used Perl to crossmatch it with the list of words provided by intallation of words-3.0-2.3 on my Linux box (which was based on Moby project).

The result of the script’s ouput is the sorted list of words that match each country’s domain name. You can customize few things as well. Minimum domain length in characters can be specified. Also, you can ignore words that start with or contain some match somewhere in the word. By default, words that contain underscore (‘_’) are ignored.

Here are the files:

  • – the script itself.
  • tlds.txt – list of TLDs for all countries. Edit this file to contain only those countries that you are interested in.
  • domains.txt.gz – compressed file with the result of the script run for all countries. This file is roughly 700 KBytes.
  • domains.txt – result of the script run for all countries. The file is about 2.5 MBytes. NOTE: download this file only if you’re not going to run the script yourself AND if you don’t have gzip on your machine.

If after reading all of the above you’re still wondering what I am talking about, here is a little quote from the domains.txt file for Cyprus.

Domains for cy (Cyprus):

20 thoughts on “Domain hunting: 220,000+ domain ideas”

  1. Interesting extent to my article :) As you said, the examples were rather limited, I was more on suggesting the use of alternative TLD than giving extensive examples.

  2. Heh, I guess that’s my English to blame. I didn’t mean that you did a bad job with examples. I meant that examples were an area which I knew how to improve. :)

    Anyway, thanks for the article and for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for the tips… I already have a knack for acquiring domain names before the trend hits.. much to the chagrin of certain companies who will remain nameless.

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