Children vs. adults

It’s interesting how some adult things are more obvious to children than to some adults. I witnessed this many times with different kids. Today I came across yet another examle.

A Brief Conversation with Charlie (age 4) About Politics and Conservation:
HIM: Dad, are there bad guys?
ME: Yeah, I suppose there are.
HIM: Do we know any bad guys?
ME: No. No, I don’t think we do.
HIM: Is Bush a bad guy?
ME: Bush?
HIM: The President. Bush. Is he a bad guy?
ME: Well, I think he really believes that…uh…well, some people have different opinions than other people…uh…
HIM: But he wants to drill in the arctic! And that will hurt the animals! We have to stop him and make him go away! People need to stop building so many houses! We have to stop Bush! People shouldn’t drive their cars so much!
ME: Hey, get your shoes on.

2 thoughts on “Children vs. adults”

  1. BeLeBo: And where should people live when they are done with school?
    Him: I dunno
    BeLeBo: Do you like it when your dad drives you fun places?
    Him: yes
    BeLeBo: Would you like it if your dad couldn’t drive you to fun places any more?
    Him: no
    BeLeBo: So if drilling a few holes in the artic would help your dad drive you fun places would you be ok with it
    Him: yes
    BeLeBo: drilling a few holes isn’t so bad then?
    Him: no I guess not

    Him: My shoes are on. Dad will you be willing to walk more places since you won’t be able to afford the price of gas?
    Me: absolutely. I have strong convictions

  2. Well, you have a point in that kids are easy to convince of the opposites sometimes. Actually, not only kids. But that doesn’t make Bush into a good guy all of a sudden now, does it? :)

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