Blog news are better then no news at all

Today was a slow day and I haven’t watched anything or did anything worse mentioning. There were no breaking news. There was no browsing. All of these was leading me to leave a blank day in my blog, which I, of course, couldn’t do.

For this reason, I will combine few blog related things in the post. First of all, there is yet another blog related article on Slashdot. Apparently, there was some halfway smart symposium on online journalism and blogs were an important part of that event.

Secondly, I was reviewing all the nice things I am now able to do with Nucleus CMS and that I am a happy guy for the last two month, but there is still a whole bunch of things I haven’t tried. So, this is a good change to test the poll functionality.

!++0|1|On a slow day it is better to…|blog crap|shut up|whatever++!

By the way, don’t get too optimistic about this poll. If everyone will vote ‘shut up’ I will still blog on slow days. :)

Now I am looking at all of the above and getting proud and surprised on how I goo I can generate content. There must be a job somewhere that requires one to do just that. :)

The Day After Tomorrow

We’ve went to see “The Day After Tomorrow” in the cinema today. Short story: it’s an excellent movie and everyone should go and see it while it’s on the big screen.

Long story. This film was created by the same guy who did “The Patriot“, “Godzilla“, “Independence Day” and “Universal Soldier” – Roland Emmerich. This time, though, he got everything right – story, cast, acting, sound, special effects – everything. There is a lot of action and suspence in the movie. Although it seems that most of the catastrophy takes place in the first half of the film, there is always something that keeps you glued to the screen (more catastrophy, complicated leg wound, wolves, whatever).

And there is scale. No. Scale. No. SCALE. Yup. Like this. I mean how often do you see a movie where there is a really global problem which wipes out few major cities? It happens. How often do they kill the president of the USA in the movie? It also happens (example: “Mars Attacks!“). But how often both of these (and some more) happen in the same movie? It was the first time for me.

So, with a solid 8/10 (Hazard gave it 9/10) this movie is a must see, but a must see on the big screen. This kind of scale is not something a TV can handle.

Beach season 2004 is officially open

BeachToday Olga, Lev, Hazard, and I officially opened this year’s beach season. We’ve went to a sandy Governor’s beach. All of us got burned by the sun. And all of us touched the water. Olga had the smallest swimming will, I – had the greatest. I think I’ve spent about 30 minutes in total in the water. Both Hazard and Lev were in the middle of the “I want to go swimming and nothing will stop me” scale.

Anyway, from now on it’s OK to wear wet clothes, beach stuff, and look totally touristic. :)

Just to make it clear – there are a lot of changes since our research on the subject last Saturday.

The Ninth Configuration

After few pints of beer I’ve watched “The Ninth Configuration” on DVD at hazard’s place.

It’s a nice film, but a bit too long to my taste. There are few rather obvious points running through out the movie and I think they were focused on at too much. This film is no sci-fi as it claimed by IMDB, but more of a drama and quite a few of comedy in.

The story is interesting and somewhat original. Shooting is good too – there is style through out the film, and there is lots of it.

Bottomline: it’s a good one to see, but I doubt I’ll want to see it a second time.


Just watched “Casino” on the DVD. It’s not the first time I see this movie, and it’s not the first time I like. It is rather long running 3 hours, but overall it is a very fine piece of cinematography. The story is somewhat typical. It’s about a street gang getting cooler and more powerful and then screwing it all up. Both Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci have a few films that go over similar lines. The acting, on the other hand, is good and the movie holds a certain suspense. Sharon Stone was good too and the way she changed over the cause of the movie is unbelievable, but predictable. :)

Bottomline – it’s a good crime movie to have in the home collection and watch it once in a few years.

Yet more pictures to enjoy

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An excellent collection of images titled “Best Pictures of 2003” (sample on the left) is here. Few images, but very spectacular.

Earth Science Picture of the Day – daily updated web site with high quality images devoted to Earth’s nature wonders (sample on the right). Archives are available upto year 2000. Much to see.

And in order to desaturate some of those excellent colors, here is a website devoted to black and white photography of New York and London.



Today I went to see “Hidalgo” in the cinema. The movie leaves a good feeling after you’ve seen it, but it is not particularly capturing while you are at it.

Firstly, there was a lot of “foreign talk”. I mean there were few people talking arabic, some indian dialect and maybe some other language. The only subtitles available were greek, so I don’t know if there were any english ones originally. Some of these talks were a bit longish without much point. That leaves you at the stage of trying to entertain yourself for awhile. Secondly, the movie is rather shallow. The story is simple. So is the acting. There are no special effects (or maybe just a few), and the film lacks action. It’s also rather long – 3 hours with no break.

The good feeling that it leaves in you (or at least in me) might be built upon few nice scenery shots and animal care throughout the film. If these don’t touch you, then you probably should skip it alltogether. :)