Day in brief – 2011-07-14

  • Shared: Unprecedented number of blood donations #
  • Shared: Zygi air quality within limits #
  • When System of a Down is shouting through headphones it's impossible to sit still and keep silence. I have to. I'm in the office. :-) #
  • Shared: Our View: An unprecedented public show of anger #
  • @asaliev How did you do it? An official upgrade or a custom ROM? I'm morally preparing myself for an upgrade all day today. :) #
  • @asaliev my only contacts are from Gmail :-) #
  • @asaliev already in progress. Just hope they won't cut the power while I'm doing it. :) #
  • @asaliev I think 'twisted balls' is a more accurate description :) #
  • Upgrading Motorla Defy to Android 2.2 Froyo | Timur Asaliev #
  • From Google+: Father and Son present at the first and last mission of Nasa's shuttle #
  • Thanks to @asaliev I've upgraded my Android phone to 2.2 without losing any data at all. The phone is much faster now indeed. #
  • In Cyprus, even bus driver himself doesn't know when the bus is coming. Google Maps Adds More Traffic Info #
  • Second power cut for today. Going home. (@ FXCC) #

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