Coincidence? I think not…

Maxim and I went to the beach early in the morning today, as usual. The weather seemed nice, but it was pretty harsh when we got to the sea. Misty clouds were filtering out a lot of sunshine and there was a very very strong wind. It was so strong that all the umbrellas by the sunbeds were closed to prevent them from braking.

The beach looked pretty empty too. It seemed that you had to be insane to enjoy the beach in conditions like this. Because of the limited sunshine and strong wind the water felt very cold too. I was questioning myself for reasons to stay. I was eager to go home. But Maxim seemed to enjoy himself and didn’t mind the weather at all. Since he is the main reason we go swimming, I decided to stay.

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Irregularity and disconnections

I’ve been a bit slow with blogging these last few days. And you might have noticed problems connecting to my website. This is all due to the heat that we have here. It is very exhausting both for humans and machines. No wonder all Cyprus is taking vacations. It is impossible to be productive at all.

My machine also can’t take the high temperatures and shuts down every now and than (about 15 times a day). I am not along in this – many people complain of the same problem. I was thinking of putting more fans into the case, but than realized that it won’t help much, since it is very hot in the room itself (about +30 degrees Celsius).

All we have to do is wait. Another couple of weeks and things should be getting back to normal…