Watched “Seabiscuit” on DVD. This is a pretty good family movie. It covers all the usual subjects about family, believe, giving second chances, friends, understand and all these. It also has a good coverage of horses and horse racing. I don’t know how accurate the subject is covered, but it does provide a good insight into horse racing.

As a film, it has a good story and a nice mix of joy and sadness as any drama should have. Most of the acting was OK, which was expected from the OK actors such as Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper, and Tobey Maguire. It was William H. Macy who did an outstanding job although playing a really background character – radio commentator. The movie is worth watching for many reasons, and he is truly one of them.

I’ll rate this film as 7 out of 10, hoping for some more films like with a slightly more original story.