Tags in system applications

I was thinking about how cool tags are. They truly help finding bookmarked or themed information faster. Keeping up with important issues is much easier too.

But are there any good uses for tags in system applications? Sure, there are. One particular area that springs to mind is font management.

After I have installed about 6,000 fonts on my computer I realized that it is extremely difficult for me to efficiently use them. There are no categories or bookmarks of any kind. There are not subfolders. There are no comments or descriptions. I would be willing to sort out and tag all these fonts once to be able to find the most appropriate font later.

KDE people? Anyone?

Fonts saga continued

I mentioned recently that I’ve installed a whole lot of fonts on my office workstation. I was never actually concerned about fonts and was very satisfied with the default few that I had on box. But I surprised myself. The view of the world looked so different and it appeared so nice that I decided to do the same procedure at home. I am way too addicted to the good looks of the Internet to view it in Helvetica 24×7.

If you are like I was, never caring about installing fonts, then I suggest you try it. You’ll be amazed as to how different the real thing is.

P.S.: One of the side effects was also my blogging fever. After I installed all these fonts I started to browse the web more, and WordPress’ administration interface looked so good, that I couldn’t stay away.