Size does matter

There are plenty of excellent t-shirts around, but once in a while a brilliant one comes up, which makes all the differences.  Here is one at ThinkGeek.comnanotechnology is huge !

nanotechnology is huge

The moment I saw that phrase appearing in my Google Reader (here is some info about ThinkGeek feeds), I wanted to buy this t-shirt.  Even before I saw the actual t-shirt.  Even despite my total ignorance of nanotechnology.  It’s just so hilarious and true and makes so much sense at the same time!

Choose carefully

I was scrolling through ThinkGeek‘s list of new additions (RSS feed actually) when something broke my concentration. Out of three new items added on October 19th, two didn’t make sense together:

  1. Digital Picture Frame with Remote
  2. 7″ Portable Tablet DVD Player

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