Choose carefully

I was scrolling through ThinkGeek‘s list of new additions (RSS feed actually) when something broke my concentration. Out of three new items added on October 19th, two didn’t make sense together:

  1. Digital Picture Frame with Remote
  2. 7″ Portable Tablet DVD Player

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Improve your blog by fixing 10 things wrong has an excellent article titled “Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes“. It lists ten mistakes most oftenly made by bloggers. These are ten simple things that could really improve your blog. These are ten simple things that could even improve my blog.

If you are too lazy to read full article and all the reasoning behind these points, below is the summary for you. I will also mark my own progress with these.

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How safe are you kids with that spouse of yours?

Julie of a little pregnant has ignited yet another one of those share your experience threads. This time it is about all those screw-ups mistakes that parents do that put the health or even lives of their kids in danger.

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Common typo

Usually, typing mistakes are easy to find (if one looks for them of course) as they make the word look unusual. There are some though that change one word into another. Sometimes, the change of the word doesn’t change the meaning of the phrase though. These are the most difficult to find typos.

I make one of these pretty often. Instead of “global warming” I type in “global warning”. The toughest one to find, but I don’t usually bother.