Botwiki – an open catalog of friendly, useful, artistic online bots

Botwiki is an impressive collection of bots for a variety of social networks and collaboration tools – Twitter, Slack, Tubmlr, Facebook and Messenger, YouTube, Reddit, Telegram, Snapchat, and more.  You can browse all these by network or by category.

Here’s a random Twitter bot for you:

@holidaybot4000 is a Twitter bot that tweets holidays around the world for the given day, typically together with an image of the country’s flag.

Walking robot fun

Via Exler’s blog I came across these two videos. First is the really amazing walking robot. This is the best I’ve seen so far (although I am not a big robot fan or anything). This robot walks better than many humans that I know. Even better than I can do myself. A must see.

Secondly comes the hilarious parody for the above video. If you saw the first video and haven’t laughed at the second one – there is something really strange with your sense of humor. It must be broken I guess.

Check them out!