Twas the Night Before Christmas — A Coder’s Dream

If you are involved with any kind of coding at all, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this remake of the “A Visit from St. Nicholas” poem.

He opened my laptop, and first installed Node
Who knew that old Santa had learned how to code,
His fingers were flying, his typing was quick,
How will I ever, repay ol’ St. Nick

Office poetry

I’m about to share some office poetry with you.  To better understand it, here’s some context for you:

  • The whole office is non-smoking area.  Those who need to smoke, have to go on floor up (from where I am), to the balcony.
  • Most of the important things are discussed on that balcony and not in the meeting rooms, so even non-smoking people frequent it.
  • On Fridays, it is customary to have a long lunch somewhere out, with a pint or two.  After which people still come back to the office to finish the day’s work.

Now that you know everything you need to know, here is some poetry from the internal instant messenger exchange between me and a colleague of mine.  These are just from today.

Leonid Mamchenkov:
For all week’s troubles to dismay
We should have lunch at TGI Friday.
We’ll eat and drink and have a cheer
Not to forget a glass of beer.
It will be cold such as the ice
And overall it will be nice.
Mihai Milea:
Let’s get ready for a feast
Pull some ribbs out, like a beast
That’s how hungry now I feel
Let’s all eat and then we chill
Leonid Mamchenkov:
We are going out for lunch
With an Easy Forex bunch
We will eat and drink and laugh
Until everyone’s had enough
We’ll come back and work a bit
Until everyone will quit
Cause today is Friday’s rest
And I wish you all the best
Mihai Milea:
Poems, rhymes, that’s all we do
Let’s go out and get some food!!!!!!!!
Leonid Mamchenkov:
If we go up, you’ll have a smoke.
I don’t want to, so I’ll grab a coke.
Breeth some fresh air, rest the eyes.
It’s an hour or so until we say goodbye’s
here is a grim one :
While we are here, trying to pay the bills,
Why don’t we do upstairs something that kills?
There is no question that I’m looking to answer.
You, however, should be careful – smoking causes cancer.
Mihai is busy, Sam’s disappeared.
I’ll go alone – the air has cleared.
No more smell, no more smoke.
It sounds just fine, but something’s broke.
Mihai didn’t like the last one, complaining about the rhymes.   I tried to get away with this one then.
That was a dunk.
Because I am drunk.
But you aren’t too good,
You are breaking my mood.