Being a bad father

“He is a really messed up father”, “His parental rights should be revoked”, “He should never ever have another child”, and “I wonder if his wife knows how bad he is” – these are things I read in the eyes of a few mothers looking at me and Maxim in the park today. Of course, I gave them a reason to hate to me – not that they needed one though – but they were overreacting too.

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While Maxim was sleeping I was entertaining myself with the sprinkler photography. I made 14 shots using all sorts of exposures. I was trying to catch the water drops, but failed. The sprinkler was in the shadow, but the leaves around it were brightly lit with the sun. I tried shooting with and without polarizer, with automatic and manual exposure, with exposure compensation, etc. Neither of 14 frames captured the sprinkler the way I wanted. I don’t know if it is at all possible, but if it is, I surely don’t know how. I have selected the single image and processed it a bit in Gimp to make it look better. Still, not what I wanted.

A couple of pigeons and a toilet dilemma are also in the album.

Album location: /photos/2005/2005-06-17_POTD