Not so good news

Dr.Simos called Olga and told her that he finally managed to talk to Dr.Avraam from Nicosia. It turns out that Maxim’s kidney tests are not as good as we hoped that they would be. The functionality of the kidneys is outside of the safe range. One kidney performs at 58%, while the other one is only at 42%. It’s this latter kidney which is worrying. It should be at least at 45%.

The danger of this situation is in the possibility of urine getting back into the kidney. If this happens Maxim will be in a lot of trouble, not to mention pain. So, obviously, some action needs to be taken.

Another test will be scheduled in the near future to study the situation more and to see how dangerous it really is. Unfortunately, Olga didn’t catch the name of the test while on the phone with Dr.Simos, so I can’t give you any details yet. Neither can I search the web for more information. But rest assured that we’ll be talking Dr.Simos shortly.

Visit to nephrologist

Today we went for a long awaited trip to Nicosia to see nephrologist and find out all we can about Maxim’s kidneys. The appointment was with Dr.Avraam in Makarious III hospital (enter Nicosia from the Limassol-Nicosia highway, turn left on the first traffic light, turn right on the second traffic light where there is a Marks & Spencer shop and Goody’s on the corner, just after passing McDonald’s. Then go straight for about 300-400 meters until there is a traffic light with the church on the corner. Turn left there and immediately go right into the hospital parking.)

Makarious III hospital is a huge thing I should tell you. And there is a lot of bearucracy going on. And many people from the staff don’t speak any English, so you better come earlier if you need to. We came about an hour earlier and we finished with everything just in time. From the lady who directed us towards “Go windows write” (which is reception that checks your medical card) through “You’ll have to pay” (which is a cashier where new medical cards are paid for) to “Wait here” (which is a long queueu to a couple of doctors in pediatric department).

I was surprised to see that there was no equipment in Dr.Avraam’s office what-so-ever. Not even a computer. No scanning devices. No testers nothing. He checked Maxim with his hands, looked all over him and said “It doesn’t look like anything serious.”. He said that it is probably an easy case of ectopic kidney. I was eased on one hand, but suspecious on the other. He added than “But you’ll have to make some more tests.” He made us an appointment for strghchojdzojdhzl-scopy in the 20s days of August. He said that this strghchojdzojdhzl-scopy test will show the exact positions of Maxim’s kidneys and how serious the whole situation is. Because of his poor English I didn’t understand the nature of the test. The only thing that I got was that it will happen in the Nuclear Medicine Laboratory. Sounds scary.

And so we came back – hot, tired, and in waiting for the end of August…