MRI results

Results from Maxim’s MRI brain scan have arrived today. I am no doctor, of course, but I can read English and look at pretty pictures. And from what I’ve understood – everything is OK. There are no anomalities, tumors, or things like that.

We’ll be visiting Dr.Simos in the nearest future (like tomorrow or so) to get a confirmation of our understanding of these results and also to work out the further path.

I’ll keep you posted.

MRI brain scan

Maxim’s MRI brain scan was scheduled for today.

MRI brain scan is a procedure that is used to diagnose all sorts of internal problems. Most often – brain issues.

Maxim needed MRI brain scan to see if there is anything that pressures his facial nerve. The right side of his face is still not very active and we slowly start worrying about it. Facial nerve problems usually cure themselves between the age of 6 month and 2 years. But it’s always good to be on the safe side.

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