MRI brain scan

Maxim’s MRI brain scan was scheduled for today.

MRI brain scan is a procedure that is used to diagnose all sorts of internal problems. Most often – brain issues.

Maxim needed MRI brain scan to see if there is anything that pressures his facial nerve. The right side of his face is still not very active and we slowly start worrying about it. Facial nerve problems usually cure themselves between the age of 6 month and 2 years. But it’s always good to be on the safe side.

Not everyone is sent to MRI brain scans to diagnose facial nerves however. There is a simplier and cheaper procedure, that involves X-Ray. But since Maxim already had his dose of X-Ray this year, while diagnosing his kidneys, and since this brain scan X-Ray procedure is not as accurate as MRI, we decided that we are willing to pay a little extra.

So, we starved Maxim for a while (no food is allowed 3 hours before the procedure) and went to Nicosia. The clinic was easy to find as it is almost at the city entrance. There weren’t a long queue to wait though either.

Maxim then was put on a bed and given some gas to make him sleep – the procedure takes some time and it is vital that the patient does not move. Adults can probably manage it, but a small kid simply has too much energy and curiosity in him. So he was gased to sleep.

Neither Olga, nor I were allowed anywhere near him for the next 30 minutes or so. We waited outside at the reception until we were called.

When we picked Maxim up, he was already awake. He was worried and looked seak (probably from the gas). He was crying a lot.

We had to wait for another 15 minutes or so for the doctor to tell us that detailed results of the scan will be sent to us in the next couple of days, that there is nothing wrong with Maxim’s head from the first sight, and that we should wait another 30 minutes before giving him any food or water.

It took the poor kid about 3 hours to get back to his normal state. He was very disturbed and was crying a lot. He also drank the whole 260 mg bottle of tea when we gave him one. Not only that, but he was asking for more. I guess he felt something similar to a terrible hangover…

Anyway, I’ll have more information in a few days, when Dr.Simos will have the results of the scan.

P.S.: Forgot to mention the price – I paid 249 CYP if you are interested. Hopefully, the insurance will take care of it.

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  1. Oh! Poor boy! I hope everything will be OK with him.
    We had the similar problem with one of your leg when you were a baby. And the doctors terrified us that it could have been with all your side. But we did all our best to help you. I beleive in the power of parents’ love and medicine.

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